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Supplying the biomedical research community with the highest quality recombinant chemokines

Protein Foundry's manufacturing process yields extremely pure, structurally homogeneous proteins with minimal lot-to-lot variation, ensuring reproducible results in your experimental studies. Browse or search our catalog, which contains nearly all human and mouse chemokines, each of which can be labeled with your choice of fluorescent dye, biotin, or the C-terminal tag of your choice. We also provide custom chemokine variant production and stable isotope labeling for NMR, MS and other applications. 

Our production methods preserve the native N-terminal amino acid sequence, and our quality control process verifies the correct pattern of disulfide bond formation and 3D folded structure to ensure full biological activity.

We launched Protein Foundry in 2014 to help chemokine scientists around the world achieve their goals by providing the most reliable chemokine reagents on the market. Call (414-301-2601) or email ([email protected]) and tell us how we can accelerate your research. We’d love to hear from you!

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Over the last 20 years, our research programs have developed unique and specialized molecular tools optimized for the production and functional analysis of chemokines, with particular attention to preserving the native N-terminal amino acid sequence for full biological activity.

In addition, we offer custom chemokine production services, including metabolic labeling with stable isotopes for use in NMR or mass spectrometric applications