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 Protein Foundry has developed proprietary production methods at the Medical College of Wisconsin for creating very pure chemokine protein molecules. Our more efficient production methods yield superior products so researchers can be confident reagents will perform as expected. The chemokines from Protein Foundry are functionally potent.

For over 15 years, the labs have developed unique and specialized molecular tools optimized for the production and functional analysis of chemokines. We have paid particular attention to preserving the native N-terminal amino acid sequence for full biological activity.

We offer mature, secreted, wild-type forms of over 15 human chemokines as well as custom chemokine variant productions including metabolic labeling with stable isotopes.

Our team are Medical College of Wisconsin faculty members who have worked collaboratively for more than ten years to produce recombinant chemokines for use in their NIH-funded research programs. They bring renowned expertise and experience to Protein Foundry.